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The Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (LOViT) boasts some of the best scenic views of the southern side of the lake.

What makes a ride “epic”?
♦ Demanding experience in a natural setting
♦ Denotes a true backcountry riding experience in remote settings
♦ One that is technically and physically challenging
♦ More than 80 percent single-track
♦ At least 20 miles in length

There are countless cycling and mountain biking trails in Arkansas, but these five are considered the most adventurous and special, according to the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).

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Upper Buffalo Headwaters

Location: Ozark National Forest
Length: 40 miles
Skill level: Intermediate/Difficult

Get ready for a wild ride, this singletrack surrounds the highest point in the Ozark Mountains. You’ll see and experience the Ozark National Forest in all its gritty glory on these routes. This area is remote; bring a friend on these steep climbs and great descents, as well as some provisions.


Location: Mountain View
Length: 50 miles
Skill level: Intermediate

This five-loop, 50-mile trail system has big rocks and river views on some routes through the St. Francis-Ozark National Forest. Singletrack throughout. Off the beaten path: For a break, stop in nearby Mountain View, “The Folk Music Capital of the World.”


Location: Hot Springs
Length: 40 miles
Skill level: Intermediate/Difficult

For those who like the wilderness and the city, you’ll love the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (LOViT) which begins at the Little Blakey Dam and rides across five mountains. Riders say that while the climbs aren’t easy, LOViT has the best downhills in Arkansas.

Ouachita National Recreation Trail

Location: Montgomery County
Length: 108 miles
Skill level: Difficult

This is the longest hiking trail in the state of Arkansas: 223 miles long, to be exact. For 108 of those miles, you can bring your mountain bike. Bikes are allowed on the part of the trail between Highway 88 and Scenic Highway 7.

Womble Trail

Location: Ouachita National Forest
Length: 37 miles
Skill level: Intermediate

Considered the third best mountain biking trail in Arkansas, the Womble Trail meets the Ouachita National Recreation Trail at McGill Mountain. Get ready for some beautiful views from up in the mountains — as well as some steep climbs to get you there.

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